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| February 10, 2012

You can embed images in your forum posts.  Your images can be stored on a host like Flikr or Photobucket, or stored here at OGH.  Each OGH member has a separate folder for their photos (transparent to you the member).

NOTE:  make sure you have your browser and/or ad-blocking software set to allow popup windows from ogaugehobbyist.com.

1.  To add/use photos, click the tree/image icon on the TinyMCE (editor) toolbar:

2.  After you click the image icon, the “Insert/edit image” tool displays.  If you are using photos hosted on another site (Flikr, etc.), enter your photo’s URL in the “Image URL” field, and skip to step 7.  If you want to upload images to the OGH server, click the camera icon to the right of the “Image URL” field (orange arrow below).

3.  Clicking the camera icon displays the image manager.  By default it opens with the [Upload] tab selected.  Click the [Browse] button at the bottom of the [Upload] tab to select photos on your computer (orange arrow below).  You can select several photos at once for uploading.

4.  The photos you selected will display in the image manager window.  Press the [Upload] button at the bottom to add them to your OGH forum image folder (orange arrow below).

5.  The image manager tells you if the files uploaded safely (green text box below).  When you have uploaded some photos, you can add them to your posts.  Click the [Browse] tab (orange arrow below) — not the [Browse] button at the bottom we used earlier.

NOTE:  the bottom [Browse] button is to select images from your computer.  The top [Browse] tab is to select images on the OGH server.

6.  The [Browse] tab displays thumbnails of the images you’ve uploaded.  Select the image you want by clicking the thumbnail.  This will return you to the “Insert/edit image” screen.  Note that the “Image URL” field now shows the URL of the image you uploaded to OGH.

7.  Press the [Insert] button to add the image to your post (orange arrow below).  Note that you can control the alignment and dimensions of your image (though some settings may be overridden by our default post settings).

NOTE:  make sure you hit [Enter] on your keyboard to start a new post line before and after each image!

8.  To add more images, click the tree/image icon again (step 1).  Then click the camera icon (step 2):  if you uploaded more than one image initially, you can skip right to the top [Browse] tab to select the next one (step 5).

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  1. dmestan says:

    I’m trying to instert images from my PC. When I start instert image tool the camera icon is not visible, so I am unable to select images from my local drive. Am I doing something wrong?
    thx, Don