Content Lament

| October 4, 2011

Of late there seems to have been a dearth of content on nearly all the Tinplate model press site and blogs…. I know, I know there is the late summer, stay outside excuse, or the “My ball club is in the NLDS” excuse as well.  IMO it goes deeper than that.  Many posters spend  a lot of posts wallowing in self aggrandizing or look I spent money posts.  This is leading to a slow drift away from many of these sites for the folks that are looking for more.

A major component of the changes coming in our hobby is the loss of information.  Due to non-participation of the older mind set in electronic communications such as these sites, or lack of know-how in the ways to do it.  Some simply refuse to pass along the advantage of what they have learned over years of work and study and simply say…FU.

Too bad, a real shame.  A shame on us for not enticing these knowledgeable veterans to the table, and teasing the knowledge from their brains by stimulating them with excellent and insightful, non-discursive posts.  Some of these collectors and operator desire the channel of communication and find only drivel or some wing nut trying to sell a book on electronics everywhere they turn… a further shame.

The name of the game is CONTENT.  We need to belly up and post high quality, insightful commentary on tinplate trains.  We need to train-up the youngsters, and entice our elders to do the same.  There is so much material out there that we should NEVER run out of GOOD topics. We should keep OT and push ourselves and our members to really make this place sparkle,  and stop the brain-drain.  Every one that benefits from our insights and comments will be better for it and a better consumer.  Every on that listens will be better off ’cause they will “get it”.  Anyone trying to sell a book will do better selling books if they would post all they can within the legal  limits of their publishing contract and spend less effort dropping bombs and making stupid posts about buying books.

Phew. I think I have finally got this off my mind.  There are some that still don’t, and never will , get it.  Go look and see for yourself.  Its out there.  Even trying to make an olive branch offering, they are still inured of each other and the lovey-dovey postings that kill a forum… unwilling to look outside the box, let it go, let bygones be bygones, pull their collective heads out of the sand, and really understand what was offered.

Ah well.  Here endeth the rant, er, blog entry, er um  post what-have-you.  My first ever.  Whaddya think?



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  1. rogruth says:

    I think I understand.
    It seems to me that the “old hands” on some forums discourage “younger”participants by giving “we already answered that”or snide answers.
    Can I name forums without problems?I will and if this is deleted I won’t complain.
    I was told very quickly on OGR that “has already been answered.Do a search”.I didn’t know how to do a search.No one ever did tell me.I still don’t know how.CTT seemed to be dominated by a few individuals that liked to praise each other.There are some great participants on all forums and some would be helpful.Somehow I found MTJ.There have been some problems there recently of which most are aware.I got a lot of help there and still participate.
    I recognize a lot of names on this forum from others and feel sure that this will be a great forum that will do some things the others don’t.

  2. Mike Twain says:

    I’m all in favour of sharing knowledge and particularly that which shows people what can be done oneself. I don’t actually disapprove of purchasing ready made items, I just think its an essential part of the hobby to make things for oneself.

    The only possible disadvantage from the readers point of view is that this tends to be somewhat wordy, which some people seem to have a problem with. I can provide photos when I submit things but the story behind it is part of the process, in my opinion.

    Well I’ll put my money where my mouth is and start out from square one and we’ll see how it works out. Its going to be a slow process though as you’ll see when I get started.

  3. Serows1 says:

    Von, I think you did a great job writing your first blog, rant, post or whatever you want to call it. I agree some of the older mind set seem to have a been there done that attitude or don’t have the patience to answer questions on some of the forums. They would much rather say something like “do a search” so they can get back to there mindless dribble or patting each other on the back for their latest spending spree.

    Taking the time to stop a project to snap a few pictures during each step can take up extra time and prolong a small project but I find the step by step projects much easier to follow with a few photos. Take CandO’s Lionel station transformation project, it was concise and easy to follow but all of the photo’s made a world of difference, he really did a phenomenal job. It might seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t and it can help and inspire a lot of other folks.

    Hopefully others will see projects like the Lionel station transformation and be inspired to try writing a how-to thread or snap a few pics as they are kit-bashing a model, they will find out how easy and satisfying it can be to help others.